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We can tell you whether you owe a claim, and how much the claim is worth, based on the evidence—police reports, information from the insured, etc., and documentation provided by the claimant- combined with our knowledge of relevant regulations and statutes, liability issues, construction practices, and material costs. You can negotiate the claim yourself, but you will be better off to authorize us to negotiate on your behalf. We will work directly with the claimant to negotiate an Agreement so you are paying only what is fair and reasonable. We will keep the adjuster updated on developments and negotiation progress and provide status reports in accordance with your reporting cycle. You remain in control of the entire process as we do your bidding. At IEN, we continuously strive to provide the best support to our customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

At IEN, we are not focused on taking a specific percentage off the total claim amount, instead our main goal is to ensure that you are only paying what is fair, reasonable, and necessary. In our attempt to confirm that you are only paying for what you actually owe, our team of experts individually examines every claim using the court recognized, trial tested data for every line item. Unlike other companies, we never use Xactimate or other estimating software when drafting our estimates. Xactimate and other software are notably prone to errors in pricing especially when it comes to labor. The team here at IEN is focused on details and through our experiences, time, and effort that is put into every single claim we know exactly how much a repair should cost and can tell you if charges are warranted so that you never get taken advantage of again.

A Word From Our CEO

A Word From Our CEO

In the mid 1990’s, I got a call from The Maryland Insurance (now Zurich) wanting to know if we had anyone knowledgeable about telephone poles. Growing up in a family of telephone linemen and splicers, I told him to send the claim over and I’d write an estimate. Indiana Bell agreed to accept my estimate as full payment, and I had five telephone pole claims on my desk by Friday. I soon got a damaged gas line claim, found an injured gas company foreman, and settled that claim. We have continued to grow and diversify until we have built a company staffed with experienced tradesmen of every kind. We know how long repairs should take because we have done those jobs. We stand ready to assist you with any claim or any questions you may have.

Additionally, we can tell you if you actually owe the claim. Hitting a pole, failing to call for locates, or digging inside the tolerance zone does not automatically make your insured liable for the resulting damage! As a teaser: in more than 25 years I have yet to see a claim for damaged buried cable where the carrier owes the amount claimed.

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