Damage Claims

Damage Claims

Our Experts

We employ a wide range of experts in a variety of different fields to ensure that we can accurately estimate any sort of damage that you may run across.

Our Process

We negotiate directly with the claimant. Every single damage claim we receive is also put through our 15-point checklist to ensure that our estimate remain accurate and you are only paying for what you actually owe.

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With the large number of industry experts we employ, we are able to accurately assess and support any damage your insured may be involved in.

  • Telecommunication claims (Pulp Cable, Copper Cable, Coax Cable, and Fiber Optic Cable)
  • Electrical claims (Utility Poles, Cables, and Transformers)

  • Bridges, Highways, Roads, Airports, Signs, Guiderail, Attenuators, all DOT accessories
  • Gas Lines, Sewer Lines, Water lines, and fire hydrants

  • Gas Pumps, Service Islands, all things related to gas stations
  • Water damage and remediation

Check Out The Full List of Damage Claims We Handle

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